WWVB Clock

Here is the original WWVB Radio Controlled Nixie Clock. This is the only one built.

A separately enclosed WWVB 60Khz receiver serves as the time base for this clock.

The tubes are the ever popular Z5680 Nixies by RFT. The enclosure base is finished walnut. The cover is assembled from five cut panels of Starfire Crystal, boned together with UV curing adhesive.

Details on how to build your own WWVB referenced nixie clock can be found here: WWVB Clock

Professionally engineered and skillfully handcrafted. Only the finest components were used in the construction.

One WWVB clock was assembled, and delivered to a popular celebrity in "Lost Wages" NV

The clock is fifteen inches wide, seven inches tall, and four inches deep.

It weighs eight pounds. Mostly due to the crystal cover.

The clock is powered by a compact 12vac wall adapter. The clock is fully isolated from the line voltage.