The Nixie Tube Wristwatch Redux

What if LED and LCD display digital wristwatches had never been invented?

Here's what might have happened...

The Nixie Tube Wristwatch Redux!

Snap your wrist to illuminate the Nixie Tubes for three seconds.

Daylight viewing is good, and night time viewing is like an orange beacon.

Why a remake of the Nixie Tube Wristwatch? Added features and smaller of course!

The original Nixie Tube Wristwatch was wearable art for the geek at heart.

The Redux has been designed to be a daily wear wristwatch for anyone.

The nixie watch redux electronics were published for viewing on 06-01-10.

The nixie watch was designed using surface mount components, and miniature B4998 / NL4998 Nixie Tubes. A Lithium rechargeable battery powers the watch. Seasonal charging is accomplished by an included cradle. The nixie tubes are illuminated by a wrist snap motion. Unintended activations are avoided using this method.

Time setting is by a rod magnet, activating micro reed switches. Fast set on the left, slow set on the right.

NO Microprocessor. No Really!

TSSOP packaged CMOS counters, gates and flops. Just like the original LED watches of the early seventies. A tiny orange LED placed between the hours and tens-minutes tubes, and it flashes with the changing seconds. The dimensions are only 41mm W x 19mm H x 32mm D It is very small (for a Nixie Wristwatch). And I promise- you will not look like an old fat geek with a hockey puck strapped to your wrist.

The enclosure is being designed now. It will be a Drivers style watch of course. Production is limited due to the scarcity of the B4998 nixie tubes. At this time I have acquired enough nixie tubes to assemble approximately twenty watches. I hope additional tubes will surface as it nears the production date.

Price is estimated at $495.00 assembled, with a warranty. Not ready for sale yet. Please check back for updates.