The NixiChron

NixiChron GPS Satellite Controlled Nixie Tube Clock

The NixiChron clock was my last GPS referenced chronometer model, and is housed in an attractive anodized metal enclosure.

This model is offered in a choice of five different colors designed to please everyone: Silver,Black, Red, Blue and Green

Digit height is an impressive 1 3/4 inches tall. The clock dimensions are 4 inches high, 11 inches wide, and 3 inches deep.

NixiChron remains accurate to within a fraction of a second of the GPS Satellite transmission. Far superior to local oscillator and AC line referenced clocks. Local Time, Date, Latitude / Longitude coordinates, and the temperature can be configured to scroll across the display at intervals of: 1, 15, 30, 60 minutes. Time can be displayed in 12 or 24 hour format. For 12 hour format: a PM indicator is located at the lower left of the display. Date can be displayed in either mm,dd,yy OR dd,mm,yy format. The temperature can be displayed in degrees F or degrees C with quarter degree precision. A pleasing soft chime tone can be enabled to strike at selected intervals, and a choice of chime styles are provided. The scrolling speed can be varied from slow to -fast in a range of ten individual steps. And, each of the features can be separately disabled from the periodic scrolling cycle. The colon indicators separating the paired digits can vary their configuration to upper, lower, or independent. This determines whether the Time, Date, Coordinates or Temperature are currently being displayed.

NixiChron uses an integrated remote receiver/antenna to receive the satellite transmissions. Some locations may deliver adequate satellite reception inside of a structure, whereas others will require external mounting. The antenna is weatherproof, and includes a 25' extension cable for remote installation requirements.

NixiChron includes a unique method of operation in areas with "spotty" reception due to limited antenna mounting considerations; a secondary time source! In the event of satellite signal loss after successful startup; NixiChron will continue operation using the high precision 1pps signal pulse from the GPS receiver. The lower right colon lamp will extinguish to indicate the clock is operating from the local precision, and then relight when the satellite signal has been restored. If power is ever lost, a lithium battery will maintain GPS receiver ephemeris, and quickly resume operation when power is restored. No typical cold start TTFF (Time To First Fix) delay is incurred when NixiChron is re powered. The initial startup acquire after installation may take 2-5 minutes, location dependent.

NixiChron uses an integrated GPS receiver/antenna module. Antenna extensions up to 50 feet can be used with no loss in reception.

NixiChron operates from a compact 12vdc wall power adapter, accepting 90-260VAC from 47-63 Hz. North American style plug is standard.

All European and Asian model plugs are supported as well, and will be provided for customers outside of North America.

The GPS antenna and power connectors are shown at the rear. The setup menu features are accessed via the two pushbuttons at the back.

Click Here to download the NixiChron Operation manual in .PDF format.

The assembled NixiChron clock has been sold out. Sorry!