Commemorative Clock

Here is the Commemorative Nixie Tube Clock from year 2000. A total of thirty were assembled.

It is physically similar to the Original nixie clock. HV for nixie tube drive is supplied by an isolated flyback type power supply. This model was very popular and sold out quickly. A kit version of the circuit boards were offered as well.

The base is South American Walnut, finished in multiple coats of lacquer. The cover is composed of five Starfire Crystal panels. The crystal cover is incredible, with none of the common green glass tint.

The black knob at back is a rod magnet, stored in the base. The time is set using magnetically actuated reed switches.

Side view showing the discrete display driver transistors.

Top view. Showing the vertically mounted HV and logic board, and the display driver board.

The Commemorative Clock was sold in year 2000 only. The sales price was $795.00 Thirty were assembled for sale. Fifty of the circuit board only kits were sold. A very strong demand remains for this particular clock model on the secondary market.