Thomas Nixie History

The Gallery of Nixie Tube Clocks

"My approach to Nixie Clock design began at the packaging. All examples are influenced by mid-century industrial design." -Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas built a few different clock models in the twelve years since he began this crusade. Including the world's first Nixie Wristwatch!

Click on the name of the clock model below for additional information and images about them. Note: most are no longer for sale.

The Nixie Clock

Commemorative Clock

The NixiSat

Cylinder NixiSat


WWVB Clock

The Burl Clock

Nixie Tube Wristwatch

GPSII Cylinder Clock

The NixiChron

Atomic Nixie Tube Clock

The GPSII Clock

Transparent Nixie Clock

CyClock - one tube NIMO clock

The Tuning Fork Nixie Clock

Nixie Tube Wristwatch Redux